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Below are a few tips and helpful hints to prepare you for your waxing appointment.

Make Sure Your Hair Is Long Enough

The hair should be about one-quarter-inch long to be effectively grabbed by the wax and removed. If the hair is too long or unruly, your waxer can easily use clippers to trim the area down.

Get the Area Ready

We recommend using an exfoliating scrub the day before the wax to remove any dead skin cells. On the day of the wax, don't apply lotions, creams, oils, or astringents to the bikini area.

Wear very soft underwear. If you are concerned about pain, take two Advil before your appointment to reduce inflammation.


The first bikini wax is the most painful one because hair is solidly rooted inside the skin. As soon as you get through the first time, the next waxing is much easier. The follicle becomes much thinner, and so the hair will slide right out.

Post Wax

Don't plan on doing anything physical right afterward., your skin will most likely be sore for a day or so. You shouldn't use abrasive scrubs or go tanning for twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the wax. Once the area is no longer tender you can gently exfoliate in the shower to avoid developing ingrown hairs. Expect to return for your next wax in about a month.

How Long?

If it's your first time, it may take up to an hour depending on which service you choose.